Hi! My name is William and I will be reviewing ipod apps here. This page will help you decide if a app is any good (On my opinion through).

Review 1: Jelly Car & Jelly Car 2

Jelly car is a game that requires thinking on what you should do to get past the obstacle using the tools that you have. Once you get past the obstacles you can make it into the finish line! On jelly car 2 it has the same thing as the original but more levels!!! More modes!!! MORE FUN!!!!!! One of the new modes is factory mode. In factory you need speed and matching skills. trying to tilt ramps to make sure that the falling object gets in to the right place. there are 4 different shapes and 4 different columns tat are labeled for each one. Get one in the wrong column you lose a health block. You get it in the right one you will get a point. The only problem is when you make a point the game goes faster and faster and faster until you lose all your health blocks. the amount of points you get will determine your score, you might get a high score!!!! The other mode is jump mode! you go down a ramp as fast as you can and see how far you can jump! There is 3 different ramps you can jump and all of them are extremely fun. My favorite part is customize mode. You can design you car type and color. Then you can take it for a test run! Another thing you can do in customize mode is building a level! you can design you very own level and play on it! I have three levels so far.
I hope this encourages you to play the Jelly Car & Jelly Car 2!

Review 2: Google Earth

I like useing google earth because it halps my acsess images, videos, and other things on a place i want to know about. I also like it because it will esaly help me find my way around by useing the locating feature so my ipod and use a tracking device to find me and help me get arount to places. What i really noticed for a change from the PC/Mac version is that ipod version will use the ipods accelerometer to be able to tilt the ipod and you can move around just by tilting the ipod. The ipod version of google earth will let you spin, zoon, move up, down, left, or right, or look up at the stars by tilting the ipod up.

Review 3: Weather

This app is bult into the ipod. On this app you can esily check the weath with the touch of a buttion. You can check the weather all over the globe! Even aintartica! i use this app to easyly check the weather before going to the place. I love it when it says it will snow. I love it when it snows. You can store up to 20 diffrent locations for easy acsess to the weather. This app uses The Weather Channel to get the weather. This app is powered by Yahoo.

Review 4: Safari Web Browser

I might use this app more than any other app. I use this app to work on my wiki like this one. I use it for home work. I also use it for checking my mail and useing google talk. I think that this app is a great way of K.I.T. (Keeping In Touch) with friend far and near. This is also a good app to do any online socal network. This app is not like the normal mobil web browser. This browser is acully pretty fast. It also allows the network you are useing to still allow its restrictions like if your parents add a filter to their wifi, it will filter your ipods browsing. I really suggjest this app for research, online socal networking, and Google Latitude.

Review 5: Doodle Buddy

This app is good for the road. You can connect two ipods and draw with eachother!! If you make a stroke it will show up on his screen. You can set backgrounds so you can play games like maze, tic tac toe, or a game you create!! I like useing this app to play tic tac toe with my friends. You can also put stamps that have emotions like happy face, sad face, mad face, and a lot more!! You can take a picture and also load that onto doodle buddy (Yes, you can replace your dogs face with a giant smily face). If no one has doodle buddy do not panic! You can draw by your self if you want!

Review 6: Dictionary

This app is good for homework. This virtral dictinary has all the words in the Random House Unabridged Dictionary. i use this app for understanding words, Homework, and Word Games. This is also a thesaurus! The thesaurus has all the words in Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus. You can bacicly get anyword you can think of! Even antidisestablishmentarianism (It's a real word!)! If you want to keep the definition in a folder on your ipod hold down home and press the power buttion! The cool part of this app is when you search a word and click the speacker buttion on the screen it will say the word out loud! This app will keep track of all the words you searched recently. The other part about this app is their is The Word Of The Day. The app will pick out a random word and put its definition on the tab.

Review 7: Carpenter

Carpenter is a very helpful app that allows you to use carpenter tools al on your ipod. The 5 tools are Ruler, Pendulem, Angler, and 2 types of Levels. The ruler is an endless ruler that you can slide across surfaces and mesure things no matter how long they are. The pendulem will detect the ground and will move to the tilting of the ipod. It will tell you if somthing is straight up or not. The angler is a tool that will tell you the angle of a curve or point. It has a range of 1.8 degreese upto 176.8 degrese. The 2 Levels have the bubble in the middle and the bubble will move to tell if it is flat. One Level is a circlear one. The other is the classic bubble in a tube.

Review 8: Google

The Google app is a usefull and easy way to acsess all sorts of things on google qwikly! The things you can easyly acsess is: Gmail (Where you can acsess your Gmail account), Calender (Where you can plan days like christmas and other stuff), Latitude (You can add your contacts to this and if they acsapt the invatation you can locate your friends anywhere), Docs (Where you can veiw documents that you uploaded from your PC/ Mac), Talk (Where you can IM your friends form around the world), Tasks (Just your simple task shuttler), Reader (I'm not really shure what this is but I think it's diffrent feeds), News (Where you can see news from multipule sites), Book Reader (Where you can read of purchase books online), Notebook (Where you can store text documents alike a story you wrote. Kinda like the note app), Photos (Where you can store your photos for other pepole to veiw), Orkut (is anather OSN "Online Socal Network" where you can share videos, pictures, message your friends, and more), Translate (Translates a word or a webpage into a diffrent language), Maps (Like Google Earth but you can't see it in 3d), Youtube (Lets you see videos that are on the populaer youtube.com), and Google Earth (Lets you see a 3d virtral model of the world)!

Review 9: iSeismo

This app is for mesuring movement. You can place it somewhere and it will record all vibrations it can sense. It is very sensitive. You can use it on a roller coaster, car ride, your cat purring, or even to mesure an earthqwake! After you done that you can save it and upload it to the internet or a URL that you pick. You also have the option to send the URL to your email or the CSV to your email. This tool mesures X-, X+, Y-, Y+, Z-, and Z+!

Review10: Stars

On this app you can view the night sky. This app will tell you all the constellations out there and will show there names. Some of the constellations that it shows it Ursa Minor, Draco, Camelopardalis, Pegasus, Delphinus, Aquarius, and a lot more! This apps controls are slide your finger to move and tap the center to show the names of the stars inside the constellation. It will also show the star size so you can tell that too!

Review11: Steel Guitar

On this app you can pretty much play the steel guitar! This app has lots of features like the tuning bar, fretboard dimensions, tunings setting, and you can change the guitar type! The types of guitars are lap, eight, Nash, and Texas. You can also decide the tone, reverb, feedback, time, master vol, chorus, pro slide or normal slide, rate, and depth. For pepole that just got the app I suggest using the lap guitar as a start.

Review 12: Crazy Penguin Catapult 1 and 2

In this game you are the penguins!! You must save your fellow penguins!!! Attack the poler bears!!! You must launch your fighters and sky bomb the polar bears!! Defeat their leader to repossess your fellow friend. Go across the arctic and get rid of all hostile polar bears!! If you get enough poler bears you can get upgrades. Some of the upgrades are Ninga Penguin, Rubber Penguin, More penguins, and more!! There are also bonus levels that you can launch your penguin and catch as much fish and treats as you can before you hit the ground. I hope you enjoy this app!!!

Review 13: Haunted

This fun wild roller coaster game will give you the goosebumps. In this game you must make it down the roller coaster track without crashing. There is a classic version but this Halloween version is a perfect app for all you spooky app people out there. If you can, you can challenge the worlds top player. For me I have beaten him twice. I think he is so good because he designed the game.

Reveiw 14: IBowl

This game is one of the most realistic bowling game out there. You must really swing your ipod to throw your bowling ball. You can twist your ipod to curze the ball. In the new version you can make your own avatar and use him to play your game! This feature is olny avalible in the deluxe version. You can also play online and post up your score and try to be a ibowl champion.

Review 15: Flashlight

This might be the most simplest app there is. All there is to it is you can use it as a flash light. You can slide your finger up or down to brighten or dim the light. Slide your finger across to change collers. Doubble tap the screen to make your own color to show! I like using this app to help me read a book inside my car when we are going home late at night.

Review 16: Ibone

Are you trying to learn how to play the trumbone? Then this app is for you. play a virtral trumbone and play your own songs. There are other songs on there that will tell you how to play. It will auto play for you or you can try to see if you can hit all the notes. If you have a mic you can blow into it to play that way. You can set how the note guide will show and if it will show in front of the trumbone or behind.

Review 17: Tappy Tunes

Tappy tunes is a fun way of music. In this app you can listen to music from 7 different styles Children's, Classical, Devotional, Holiday, Patriotic, Special Occasion, or Traditional! There are 85 songs on this app! Some examples of songs are We wish you a merry Christmas, Wedding March, Take me out to the ball game, and more! You can download ton more songs too using the Holiday 2009 song pack! There are tons of songs that you can find here that are just right for your Special Occasion!

Review 18: Bing

This app is for the new bing.com! For this handy app you can easily search up images, news, maps, directions, movies, and businesses. When you have a mic you can eve say what you want to search and it will recognize you voice so that you can do easy hands free searching! Lucky this app had a search filter. It will be strict, Moderate, or no filter at all. You can also adjust the units on the map and you can also set the settings so you can rotate the screen too.

Review 19: Labyrinth 3D

In this game it requires hand eye coordination. get the ball to the finish line without falling in the holes. To move the ball you must tilt the iPod/ iPhone. To jump you can shake the device or just tap your ball. You can change the settings too. The stuff you can change is the sensitivity, friction, amount of holes, sound effects, music, calibration, Controls, 3D effect, tap jump control, and what type of ball you use. There are tons of levels that you can play (Over 100 I guess)! I hope you enjoy this app!

Review 20: FS5 Hockey

Love air hockey? Then this the app for you! Play air hockey right on your ipod! Use your finger to move your puck hitter. You can also play with your friends. There is 2 ways to do this! One way is you take one side of the screen and your friend takes the other! Or the other way is using the wi-fi so your iPod will search the network for anyone else that wants to play. Once you found someone you can play them wirelessly over the internet! You can also change the goal size! I hope you like this app!